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Don’t Overthink It merch is here!

Don’t Overthink It merch is now available in Tae’s shop. Don’t forget to leave a note if you would like any of the merchandise signed.
Also there’s a 15% off discount, when you use the code thankful at checkout. Code is good till this Friday.
Here’s the link to the shop http://shop.taebrooks.com

My siblings & I do the Never Have I Ever Challenge. GONE WRONG of course!

Don’t Overthink It music video is now live!

I’m 20

New music coming soon!

It’s here! Watch the Official Music Video my new song “Miracle”

You guys asked for them and now the Popsockets are finally here!

Check’em out in the merch store!


I just posted the Miracle (Live Action Audio Stream) Show it love thanks!

I don’t think I was supposed to be sitting there. Miracle drops at midnight!

Get Miracle on iTunes! http://smarturl.it/TaeBrooksMiracle

It’s here!!! Pre-order Miracle

Get Miracle on iTunes! http://smarturl.it/TaeBrooksMiracle