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Until Next Time – Japan Trip Vlog Part 8


This is eighth and final vlog of my trip to Japan.

I had a blast and everyone there treated us so nice. I hope to return soon.

#Friday Video Share Fan of the Week!

#Friday Video Share Fan of the Week.

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#TBT Chocolate Pudding

#TBT  Chocolate Pudding

#Thursday TaeBrooks.com Fan of The Week!

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Thank You! You guys are amazing!

Three More Days – Japan Trip Vlog Part 7


My seventh vlog shows some of the different characters I play on set.

Call Me Maybe? – Japan Vlog Part 6


We visit the train station, mega-huge electronics store and do a little singing (Japanese Style) in this sixth vlog.

We got to sight-see – Japan Vlog Part 5


We got to sight-see in Japan in this fifth vlog.
Next Video (Part 6): Coming April 30th!

I prank everyone on set – Japan Vlog Part 4


In my fourth vlog I prank everyone on set. They didn’t even see it coming!

I like to have fun on set – Japan Vlog Part 3


 Here’s the third vlog from my Japan Trip. I like to have fun on set.