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 Tae’s Cover of Taylor Swift “WANEGBT”
Listed In CYS Competition posted their list of winners in the Can You Sing Competition. This time it was for Covers of Taylor Swift’s Hit Single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (WANEGBT).  The Shawtaes fan base was so excited that they flooded with tweets when they heard that Tae had made the Final List. Adds Tae's Cover of Taylor Swift "WANEGBT" Adds Tae’s Cover of Taylor Swift “WANEGBT” In Can You Sing In Competition


Huff Post Teen Features Tae Brooks as #1 Justin Bieber ‘Die In Your Arms’ Cover

The Huffington Post
Tae Brooks Cover Ranks #1 in 10
Amazing Renditions Of Justin Bieber
‘Die In Your Arms’ / Huff Post Teen published the 10 Amazing Renditions Of Justin Bieber Die In Your Arms Covers. Guess Who ranked #1? Yeah That’s Right it’s Tae! Congrats have been pouring in on various Tae Brooks  social media platforms from Tae’s Shawtaes and Promoters.


Tae Brooks Huffington Post

Tae Brooks Huffington Post feature




Tae Makes First Billboard Chart!


Tae Brooks  Enters NBS 25
(Next Big Sound) at #19


Tae Brooks enters Billboard’s NBS 25 (Next Big Sound) on July 14th.  Tae started his YouTube channel in March of 2011 and has since generated millions of views on his channel. Tae’s growing fanbase and social presence landed him in the July 14th, 2011 chart of Billboard’s NBS 25 (Next Big Sound)* at #19.


Tae Brooks on Billboard's Next Big Sound

Tae Brooks on Billboard’s Next Big Sound

* Next Big Sound is partnered with Billboard to create the Social 50 and Next Big Sound Chart. The Social 50 is a weekly chart ranking the most popular artists online across all major music sites. The Next Big Sound Chart shows the 25 fastest accelerating artists across the internet most likely to become the next big sound.


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