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Gotta rep the Reds! Opening Day!

Gotta rep the Reds! http://instagram.com/p/XlCqWMiydI

Go Follow My New Twitter Account –> @TaeBrooks

There’s a lot of stuff going on right now, some crazy exciting (which I’ll be sharing soon), some not so much. This isn’t just about me singing. There’s so much on the business and social media side of it too. Today we decided to make a Bold move and chose to start a brand new Twitter account. My old Twitter had over 20K followers, but Twitter has a glitch in their programming and that account could not grow. It has been stuck for over 7 months and was Forcing people to UnFollow me and for me to UnFollow people. It even forced my Grandma to UnFollow me lol. Twitter acknowledged a problem, but has not fixed it, so we decided to start over. Please, any of you who use Twitter, follow me @TaeBrooks and ask other Twitter users you know to do the same. Let’s get to 20K and beyond! Thanks for your support.

Let The Goodtimes Roll Contest Update:

Have You left a comment on Youtube about your favorite part of my Goodtimes Live Action Lyric Video yet?


If not, then hurry, because the Deadline for your chance to WIN “Goodtimes” Merchandise is almost here. I’ll Announce the Winners during a Live Stream on My Youtube Channel Next Sat 4:30 PST.


Also some of you will have a chance to be a part of the Live Stream Show. Anyone who’s in my Google Plus Circle will have a chance, so don’t forget to add me to your circle! -> Tae Brooks Google Plus

Update: GOODTIMES Live Action Lyric Video Premieres @ Midnight Nov 22nd on Thanksgiving

Goodtimes Lyric Video Announcement

Nov. 18th Update: ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m so Thankful 4 Your Support I will be Premiering “GOODTIMES” Live Action Lyric Video @ Midnight Nov 22nd on Thanksgiving 🙂

Update: I know you guys are excited to see the Live Action Lyric Video & I’m excited for you to see it! The goal is to get as many of you in it as possible. Release Date Coming Soon!



You must SIGN-UP if you want to be a part of the Private Screening of the lyric video. It will have lots of pictures of you all having Goodtimes.