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Aye I challenged Lamarr Wilson and Tilee to a pumpkin carving contest. Vote for mine I swear it’s the best

Eye see you


Go comment something and i’ll try to get you on my snapchat :)

A few Shawtaes/Mistaekes got together and made this for me I cry!

Thanks for all of the amazing birthday wishes u all r the best!


New! Watch Tadjh and I let Mom pierce our noses!

Watch Sanni & I doing a lil’ singing in Bruhitszach’s (Zach Clayton) vlog!

Lamarr Wilson & I ate some crazy foods while stuck on a desert island. Go watch it!

So this happened yesterday when I got off broadcast. Thank you guys so much for the love and support <3


“This Feeling” – Now out on iTunes!

Go cop my homie Sanni’s new single “This Feeling”.

Tadjh produced it and it’s so lit! Yeah!

Buy “This Feeling” here!